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O Boticario Match Respect for the Curls Molding Cream Afro Hair - 290g


With CURLY STYLING CREAM it is possible to have your curly hair defined, structured and naturally beautiful without causing damage or damaging the locks. Its formula contains Vegetal Collagen and Shea Butter, responsible for the recovery and maintenance of waves and for providing structure, softness and an incredible shine. 

The curves of the hair make the distribution of natural hydration along the strands more difficult, but it is precisely these curves that make frizzy hair so beautiful and powerful. Thankfully there are products capable of bringing volume, balance, defined structure, shine and everything else you could want to make peace with your hair. It's okay with him, you can do whatever you want!


Action: Formula with Vegetable Collagen and Shea Butter, compatible with No-poo and Low-poo techniques. Creates defined, flexible and supple curls for up to 72 hours, providing instant shine without a wet effect and high thermal protection with anti-frizz action.

How to use: It's time to match: after your hair washing routine, wipe off excess water with a towel. Apply the product along the damp strands, from the ends to the length, avoiding touching the root. For best results, divide the hair and apply the styling cream lock by lock. After applying it to all the hair, make the kneading movement of the strands, holding them while joining the ends and length in the palm of the hand. No rinsing required.

You can also use the product the next day, the famous day after: apply a little of the cream the day after washing, on dry hair, repeating the kneading movement to shape the strands.

To get a breath-taking frizz, also use the other products from the RESPECT TO THE CURLS line.

Result: Defined, flexible and malleable curls for up to 72 hours