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O Boticario Match Anti-Frizz Shampoo - 280ml


With Match Frizz Patrol Shielding Shampoo you can have your hair protected from frizz from the first wash. Its formula contains Creatine and Avocado Oil, which ensure that the cuticles are sealed for much longer, protecting the hair from moisture that stimulates frizz.


All hair types are subject to frizz: that annoying frizz can be caused by breakage or new strands which moisture helps to accentuate. Hair free from frizz is shinier, softer and with a lighter movement.

Action Formula with Avocado Oil and Creatine with exclusive technology that protects from moisture for up to 2 days and guarantees 8x less frizz with a natural shielding effect that disciplines the hair. Gently cleans while treating and creates a protective film on the hair without weighing on the appearance.

How to use: Wet the hair, remove excess water from the strands and apply a little of the product with your hands all over the scalp, length and ends. Massage until lather and rinse. If you feel your hair needs it, repeat the process for one more wash. For hair without frizz and protected from humidity, it is recommended to also use the other products from the Match Frizz Patrol line.

Result: Hair with 8x less frizz since the first wash.

No Boticário products are tested on animals.