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O Boticario Madagascar Vanilla Body Oil - 400ml


The Vanilla soothing oil is combined with the powers of pure Quinoa Oil, and sustainably sourced Madagascar Vanilla, making the perfect blend to nourish and calm the skin and your whole self.


This warm and comforting formula radiates warmth, from the scent to all of the senses. The gentle blend of white flowers freshens the sweetness, nourishing and calming the skin and your whole self.


100% pure Quinoa Oil

Rich in antioxidants

Soothing texture and fragrance

Intense moisturizing effect

Best way to use:


Apply the oil generously all over the body during or after shower/bath. You might rinse it or not. Mix a few drops in your lotion for an extra layer of firmness and moisture. Fun Fact: Women in Brazil love to use their oils while in the shower, and after the lotion for an extra skin glow.


250 ml | 8.4oz


Made in Brazil