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O Boticario Lily Satin Cream Cleanser - 250ml


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Lily Satin Cream Cleanser transforms bathing time into a sophisticated ritual with lots of hydration and the luxurious fragrance of our beloved Lily, delivering a high level of fragrance to the skin while cleansing and moisturizing during the shower.

When rinsed off, it forms a protective film that protects the skin against dryness caused by the sun, cold and dry weather. In a distinctive texture, this Lily launch brings a luxurious sensorial experience with:

  • Creamy foam;
  • Satin feel;
  • Quick absorption;
  • Explosion of fragrance in the bath.

The result is a ritual of self-care at bath time, with the already adored Lily fragrance.


Lily believes that your scent is part of who you are. The newest Lily launch brings your favorite fragrance in new products with comforting, satiny textures that will make your self-care moments even more pleasurable.


250ml | 8.8 fl. oz.
Made in Brazil