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O Boticario Anti Hair Loss Shampoo - 250ml


Malbec Club Anti hair-fall Shampoo is ideal for men who suffer from hair loss, as it reduces hair loss and thickens the hair, increasing hair density.

Its formula has powerful assets such as BaicapilTM* that minimize hair loss and restore self-esteem, in addition to leaving them deeply clean. Malbec Club men's anti-hair loss shampoo is what you needed to get your confidence back. 

· 4X less hair loss;

· Stimulates and fortifies the root;

· Prolongs the life of wires;

· Decreases the amount of hair falling out by 53.4%.

Hair loss treatment is even more efficient when you bet on the whole line to complete your hair care routine. After all, with the Malbec Club Anti hair loss  line , in just 30 days you can already see the first results.

With daily and prolonged use, you regain the health and vitality of your hair, as well as your individuality and self-esteem!