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Natura Tukuma Exfoliating and Creamy Soaps - Ekos 4X100g


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Exfoliation and creaminess in this soap bar set formulated with Tukumã, to gently cleanse and prepare your skin for Tukumã anti-signs body care. 98% natural origin. 

This set offers you three soap options for a pleasant moment in the shower. The two white soaps are made with pure, unrefined Tukumã butter, while the two orange soaps - one creamy, the other exfoliating with natural maracuja seed particles - contain pure Tukumã oil. They gently cleanse the skin, maintain its natural moisture and prepare it to receive Tukumã anti-body signs care.

With pure, unrefined oil and butter from Tukumã, an Amazonian bioactive
98% natural | O% silicone
Cleanses, maintains the skin's natural moisture and stimulates cell renewal
Strengthens the skin against the signs of aging
Exfoliates and smoothes
Fair trade ingredients

How to use:

Lather the soap in your hands, on a shower flower or a washcloth. Massage onto damp skin and rinse

TUKUMÃ: Regenerative power for your skin and for the Amazon Tukumã is the fruit of an Amazonian palm tree known for its ability to sprout even after a fire, thus helping to bring the Amazonian forest back to life. The butter and oil extracted from the Tukumã fruit work in a complementary way on your skin to stimulate cell renewal, protect and increase the natural amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin.  Just as it does with the forest, Tukumã renews and replenishes your skin from within, fighting the signs of skin aging.