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Natura Patauá Strengthening Hair Tonic EKOS - 30ml


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Strengthen and repair fine and fragile hair
This light-textured lotion strengthens the capillary fibre and accelerates hair growth. It has a light texture and is applied to the scalp: the lotion acts directly on the capillary root, from the first use. A concentrated treatment for stronger and thicker hair.
Accelerates hair growth
Strengthens the capillary fibre, thickens the hair and makes it more resistant
Increases the thickness of the hair adding volume
Keeps the hair on the scalp longer, promoting hair growth
Prevents hair loss making it less brittle
Vegan formula
89% ingredients of natural origin
Use every other day in the evening before going to bed. Shake the bottle to activate the formula, then apply the lotion to the scalp, massaging it with the tips of your fingers. Wash your hands thoroughly after application. Do not rinse your hair: leave the lotion on all night. The next morning you can wash your hair if you wish, we recommend using Ekos Patauá Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner.
Patauá oil:
Extracted by cold pressing the pulp of the Patauá (Oenocarpus bataua), a fruit sustainably harvested in the Amazon.
Rich in plant based proteins and Omega 9
Accelerates hair growth
Fortifies the internal structure of the hair fibre
Seals the cuticle
Stronger, denser and healthier hair
Fair Trade