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Natura Maracuja Triple Phase Shower Oil - Ekos - 200ml


This three-phase oil is formulated with pure, unrefined oil from Maracujá, the Brazilian passion fruit, rich in essential fatty acids and ideal for soothing and rebalancing your skin. Its light texture works quickly and effectively, forming a protective film that leaves your skin velvety smooth and scented with the soothing, fruity notes of Maracujá. Ultra practical, this oil can be used in the shower for a quick moisturising ritual or on dry skin for a massage or to restore your skin's radiance.

• Soothes and rebalances the skin
• Forms a protective, moisturizing and scented film on the skin
• Reduces skin stress
• Ultra light texture, ideal for daily use on wet or dry skin
• 96% natural origin
• Vegan

How to use:

Before using the product, shake the bottle to mix the three phases.
• In the shower: after cleansing your skin, apply the MaracujaTriple Phase Shower Oil to damp skin, massaging in with circular movements. Enjoy this moment of connection with your body, feel the delicate pressure of your hands on your skin and the aromatic scent of Passion fruit that perfumes the air. Finally, quickly rinse the skin to remove excess oil. Dry the skin gently with a towel, without rubbing. Your skin is protected, velvety and fragrant for the day!
• On dry skin: Apply all over your body, except your face, massaging in circular motions. No need to rinse.