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Natura Maracuja Hand Soap Ekos - 250ml


All the softness and freshness of Maracujá in a hand soap with a Vegan formula, gentle to the skin and 97% natural. It forms a protective film on the hands and leaves them deliciously scented. 

This vegan liquid hand soap is enriched with the crude oil extracted from Maracujá, the Brazilian passion fruit. Rich in essential fatty acids, Maracujá oil has nourishing properties and a delicate, fruity, tangy and extremely refreshing fragrance.

Its 97% natural and sulphate-free formula gently cleanses your hands and respects the skin's natural PH, forming a protective film and leaving your hands soft and fragrant.

With Amazon bioactive – Maracujá crude oil

97% natural | 0% sulfate

Gently cleanses and protect the skin

Maintains skin’s natural PH

Relaxing sensation in the shower

Fair trade ingredients

Refillable product


How to use:

Apply to damp hands, massage to form a light lather, then rinse. Do not apply to the face.