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Natura Maracuja Exfoliating Soap - Ekos - 150g


Made in the heart of the Amazon, this exfoliating plant based soap contains pure Brazilian oils, such as Maracujá oil with revitalizing properties. Its formula, with Maracujá seedsand Vitamin E, provides gentle exfoliation for fresh and delicately scented skin.

• With Maracujá oil with revitalizing properties
• Crushed Maracujá seeds allow gentle exfoliation of the skin
• Leaves skin soft and delicately scented with fruity notes.
• Made in the Amazon, in the Natura Brasil soap factory.
• Maracujá seeds: For gentle, natural exfoliation. They eliminate dead cells, revealing purified and healthy skin.
- Vitamin E derivative: protects the skin from external factors and prevents skin damage caused by free radicals. Allows the skin to be more supple and regenerated.

The ingredient:


Originally from the Atlantic Forest, the Maracujá, or passion fruit, is a fruit appreciated by local communities for its fresh and tangy taste. This fruit is picked directly from the plant, ready to be eaten. In the indigenous Tupi language, its name means food prepared in a gourd, referring to the delicious seeds and the shape of its peel. Traditionally known for its nutritional properties, this yellow fruit, filled with juicy pulp and seeds, is a delight.
The Maracujá used by Natura is supplied by the APROCOR and CAMTA communities. The oil extracted from the seeds of the fruit is used in the Ekos Maracujá product range.