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Natura Hand Cream Trio - Tropical Set

€33,00 €36,00

Take deep care of your hands with this trio of 24-hour hydration hand creams, deliciously scented and with ingredients from Amazonian biodiversity.

This set, presented in an original gift box, contains 3 hand creams in practical travel size:
- a Castanha hand cream 40gr
- a Maracujá hand cream 40gr
- an Açaí hand cream 40gr

The benefits:

- perfectly hydrated hands
- travel formats that are easy to take everywhere
- a discovery of our 3 main ingredients and their exotic scents

Castanha oil:
Extracted from the Castanha, the Brazil nut, an exclusive ingredient from Amazonian biodiversity.
Rich in plant based proteins, Omega 6, Omega 9 and selenium.
Deeply nourishing
Antioxidant - helps prevent premature skin ageing
Stimulates the production of skin-structuring proteins
Fair Trade

- The crude Maracujá oil is rich in essential fatty acids and Omega 6
- Powerful ingredient that helps to rebalance and soothe the skin, with anti-stress effect
- Leaves the skin with a soothing and fruity scent
- The Maracujá seeds are sustainably sourced by more than 800 families from local communities in Amazon

Açaí oil:
Extracted from the seeds of the Açaí, the fruit of an Amazonian palm tree.
Rich in essential fatty acids
Energizing and revitalizing
Antioxidant - helps prevent premature skin ageing
The Açaí harvest is celebrated every year by the local population: this fruit is the basis of the Amazon diet.
Fair Trade