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Natura Ekos Castanha Gify SET

€68,99 €87,00

The Castanha, we love it passionately! This Amazonian nut is not only known as the Queen of Amazonia because of the gigantic tree on which it grows, but it is above all for its richness in essential nutrients and beneficial fatty acids that it is so appreciated. Used for 20 years in our Ekos skin care products, it provides intense nutrition to your skin and leaves it deliciously scented with gourmand and comforting notes.

This box, presented in a pretty gift box, contains:
- Ekos Castanha shower cream 195 ml
- Ekos Castanha exfoliating pulp 200 gr
- Ekos Castanha body milk 400 ml
- Ekos Castanha hand cream 75 g

The benefits:
- brings nutrition to the skin
- takes care of the skin and leaves it soft and smoother
- Leaves comforting and creamy notes on the skin

Castanha oil:
Extracted from the Castanha, the Brazil nut, an exclusive ingredient from Amazonian biodiversity.
Rich in plant based proteins, Omega 6, Omega 9 and selenium.
Deeply nourishing
Antioxidant - helps prevent premature skin ageing
Stimulates the production of skin-structuring proteins
Fair Trade