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Natura Curly Hair Shine Cream - Lumina - 300ml


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Curly hair tends to be dry, especially at the ends, which are more fragile and brittle. They may be frizzy with volume that's hard to control.

The Natura Lumina line for curly hair has been designed to enhance shine and control frizz. Intense 24-hour hydration and curl definition.

Intense Shine Styling Cream
The ideal leave-in product for curly hair: immediate hydration, intense shine, 24h curl definition, 3x less frizz. Use it as often as you like!


Intense shine
24-hour curl definition
Anti-knot and anti-frizz action
Hair 2x softer
Thermal protection: protects against heat from hair dryers, curling tongs or straighteners
Restores hair and makes it stronger and more resistant
Vegan formula


Apply to dry or damp hair as often as necessary, along the length and tips, avoiding the roots. No-rinse.

Specific Actives Ingredients 

Pró-Teia Biotechnology: Natura has reproduced a protein similar to spider webs in the laboratory, this technology is capable of restoring the hair fibre from the inside, recharging each area of the hair with protein in a targeted manner, depending on the level of damage.
Hydra-Definition active ingredient: this moisturising complex based on Murumuru butter and Castanha oil from Amazonia acts on the reconstruction of the capillary cortex, repairing and strengthening hair.