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Natura Creamy and Exfoliating Soaps - 4X100g


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Natura Ekos soaps are made in the heart of the Amazon, using 100% plant based oils. Their rich, creamy lather leaves your skin soft and delicately scented.

Açaí Soap
Enriched with Açaí oil with energising properties
Light fragrance with fruity notes

Andiroba Soap
With Andiroba oil with repairing properties
Intense and refreshing fragrance

Castanha Soap
Gently exfoliating
Crushed flax seeds remove dry skin
Delicately scented

Maracujá Soap
Intense exfoliation
Light fragrance with fruity notes

Andiroba oil has repairing properties.
Açaí oil has energizing properties.
Castanha oil is very nourishing.