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Natura Castanha Hand Soap - Ekos - 250ml


For clean, soft and delicately fragranced hands
Formulated with Amazonian Castanha oil, known for its nourishing properties for the skin, this sulphate-free liquid soap forms a light lather to gently cleanse the hands

Gently cleans hands
Forms a protective layer to prevent skin dryness
Leaves skin moisturised, soft and fragrant.
96% ingredients of natural origin

How to use:

Apply to damp hands, massage to form a light lather, then rinse. Do not apply to the face

Castanha oil:
Extracted from the Castanha, the Brazil nut, an exclusive ingredient from Amazonian biodiversity.
Rich in plant based proteins, Omega 6, Omega 9 and selenium.
Deeply nourishing
Antioxidant - helps prevent premature skin ageing
Stimulates the production of skin-structuring proteins
Fair Trade