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Natura Buriti Body Lotion - EKOS 400ml


This body lotion is made with pure, unrefined Buriti oil, a Brazilian fruit with a high beta-carotene concentration, a powerful ingredient for slowing down photoaging and recovering the skin from the harmful effects of the sun rays. Rich in essential fats, it restores the hydrolipidic film and helps rehydrate the skin, thus avoiding dryness and flaking. A real moisturiser to be used immediately after the sun.
Over time, the skin is protected, rebalanced and more resistant to sun damage
• Moisturises the skin and provides intense after-sun care
• Makes the skin more resistant to the harmful effects of the sun
• Prevents skin dryness
• Prevents skin flaking
• Slows down photoaging
• Vegan formula
• 98% ingredients of natural origin
Apply all over the body except the face and massage gently until completely absorbed.
Buriti oil :
• Extracted from the pulp of the Buriti fruit, a large and elegant palm tree growing in the Veredas region in the heart of Brazil.
• Rich in beta-carotene, an active ingredient known for its antioxidant and photoprotective properties.
• Rich in essential fatty acids that restore the hydrolipidic film and rehydrate the skin after sun exposure.
• Fair Trade.