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Natura Body Lotion with revitalising Açaí Oil - EKOS 400ml


With a light and silky texture, this moisturising lotion combines the energizing properties of Amazonian Açaí oil with Maracujá oil, rich in Omega 6. It delivers intense skin revitalisation and hydration for 30 hours. Let yourself be carried away by the sensory pleasure of its delicately fruity fragrance and the velvety feeling on your skin!

Revitalises the skin and strengthens the skin barrier
Light and non-greasy texture, quickly absorbed
Vegan formula
97% ingredients of natural origin
Apply all over the body except the face and massage gently.
Açaí oil:
Extracted from the seeds of the Açaí, the fruit of an Amazonian palm tree.
Rich in essential fatty acids
Energizing and revitalizing
Antioxidant - helps prevent premature skin ageing
The Açaí harvest is celebrated every year by the local population: this fruit is the basis of the Amazon diet.
Fair Trade