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Natura Baby Cologne Relaxing Fragrance Mamae e bebe - 100ml


This vegan, alcohol-free baby cologne contains only the essentials for the baby’s sensitive skin and can be used since the first day of life. Its relaxing fragrance combines the soothing notes of chamomile and lavender to the softness of floral accords and the comfort of velvety musky notes to deliver a peaceful night’s rest. Dermatologically tested. Approved by pediatricians.


- Relaxing and soothing fragrance

- Gentle and safe formula

- Does not harm the baby's sensitive skin as it does not contain alcohol

- Self-preserving vegan formula with only the essentials for baby’s skin

- 89% of natural ingredients

- Does not contain: dyes / parabens / phthalate / silicone / sulfates


Apply a few drops on adult fingertips and spread gently behind baby's ears and clothes. Do not apply to mucous membranes.