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Natura Patauá Hair Strengthening Oil EKOS - 100ml


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Strengthen and repair fine and fragile hair
This hair oil is rich in Amazonian Patauá oil, known for its strengthening properties. It helps strengthen and restore damaged and brittle hair, while repairing split ends and reducing frizz. The result: hair that is more resistant and better protected from external factors.
Protects hair from the heat of hair dryers and straighteners
Reduces split ends and frizz
Repairs damaged, fine and brittle hair without weighing it down
Makes hair stronger and shinier
Place 1 to 2 drops of Patauá Strengthening Hair Oil in the palm of your hand, rub your hands lightly to distribute the oil evenly and gently sweep your hands along the length and tips of dry or damp hair, avoiding the roots. You can also apply it before using the hair dryer to protect your hair from heat. Use as often as necessary. Expert tip: If your hair is extremely dry or is extremely brittle due to chemical processes (bleaching, straightening etc.), you can add a dab of strengthening hair oil to your Patauá Strengthening Hair Mask to boost its restorative action.
The engredient
Patauá oil:
Extracted by cold pressing the pulp of the Patauá (Oenocarpus bataua), a fruit sustainably harvested in the Amazon.
Rich in plant based proteins and Omega 9
Accelerates hair growth
Fortifies the internal structure of the hair fibre
Seals the cuticle
Stronger, denser and healthier hair